Wining And Dining A Refined And Mature Lady!

13 Jan

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So you’re dating a cougar, or you’ve somehow managed to attract one and you’re going to take her out on a date. Do you know where to take her? Do you have any idea about how to take a cougar on a date?

Women are like fine wine; they just grow better with age.  This kind of reminds me of my own grandmother who never remarried after getting widowed in her early forties.  That doesn’t mean she kept to herself after that – she was actively dating till the day she left this world at the ripe old age of 83.  Her tastes became more refined as she grew older, which showed in the men she dated and the better venues.  She’s one of the most influential women in my life and I can only hope I get to live and enjoy life as she did.  So gents, mature ladies may be harder to please but if you pass muster, they are really fun and interesting to date.  The only greater challenge would be dating an alpha female.

See, gentlemen, cougars have very refined tastes. They’ve been there, they’ve done that, they’ve lived long enough to know games from real stuff and there are a few things that they have yet to try. Yes, they are that difficult to impress.

So you know she likes you using these signs that a woman likes you – an guide and while you’ve impressed her enough to get her to go out with you, that is only the first step of many. You’ll need to do a lot more to be her steady date, each step tougher than the one that came before it. And what actually makes it even tougher is the fact that there are tons of other men falling in line to get her attention too.  So for this post, let’s concentrate on just one aspect – where to take her.

Where to Take Her

So how do you get the ‘Take a Cougar on a Date’ badge? Here are some tips:

Take her on a night cruise. Rent a yacht or someone’s fancy boat, decorate it with lights, flowers, and a fancy table, and have a special dinner served. If space allows, get some musicians to play live background music. If not, your iPod will have to suffice for now.

Take her on a trip. So what if you have to fly 30 minutes on a helicopter just to have dinner? Or drive out to the next city just to give her a taste of some authentic cuisine that she has been craving for days? Or maybe, you can rent an expensive SUV and take her on a road trip for the weekend.  She will never forget it.

Prepare a special rooftop dinner for her. Taking her to the neighborhood French restaurant may not be the best date option for you; she’s probably a regular there. But taking her to a special dinner at the rooftop of that restaurant, with candles and lights, and a breathtaking view of the city under the night sky, that would be really special, not to mention unique.

Prepare a fancy little evening picnic just for the two of you. Find a perfect picnic spot, lay down your most expensive silk sheet on the grass, get the effects – bubbly champagne, awesome dinner, an exquisite bouquet, a rustic little lamp, add some throw pillows and a shawl for her comfort, and prepare to sweep her off her feet with your thoughtfulness.

Take her on a masquerade ball. Cougars, while they maintain their youthful appeal and prefer going out with younger men, are actually looking for men with class and distinctive tastes. That is why taking her to a masquerade ball would make her swoon over you. It’s high class, it’s special, it’s classy, and it takes her back to the old glory days of dating where men acted like gentlemen and women were treated like ladies; plus, it’s the perfect excuse to actually dress up real fancy.

Well, you knew it wasn’t going to be easy or cheap when you choose to go for the cougars. Good luck!

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