Men Get Jealous Too You Know!

22 May

Greetings dear readers!  This is Lindy reporting back with some tips about handling jealousy.

Jack was just a little bit more jealous than the usual guy, but it still bothered me.  We were high school sweethearts and in high school there’s always lots of competition for guys as well as for gals.  We were also young and not as familiar with dating and relationships as we are now.  Thus his jealousy caused frequent rows that ultimately led to our breakup.  Thinking back though, it should have been easy for both of us to make small adjustments to come to a happy compromise.  I can’t go back to the past, but I can try to help you guys handle a healthy dose of jealousy better.

Women are born jealous and men are born secretive…and jealous, too!

You can keep it to yourself all you want but you cannot eternally deny the fact that you – men – are just as jealous as we women are. And the only difference is that we girls show it (a little too much sometimes, yes) and you men show little to nothing at all.

But you are jealous. Jealousy is part and parcel of the DNA that exists in every human being; it’s called protection over what you consider yours (even though, technically, nobody owns anybody). My dear overly manly man, do not fear or cringe at the slightest signs of jealousy in your system: YOU ARE HUMAN.

The only thing that can make jealousy a problem is how you handle it. You can either flatter her over your “protectiveness” and the fact that you value her so much that you don’t want her near any other guy, or you can drive her insane with it.

So how do you draw the line that separates “sweet jealousy” and “psycho boyfriend”? It all largely depends on how you show it. Dr. Phil can give you sound advice, okay. But these are too general. What you’ll get here are specific, surefire tips to make you feel better. And so here are some tips from one woman to a man on how you testosterone charged being should handle and show your jealousy the “acceptable” way:

Own her: Say, you’re in a bar and you just left to get drinks only to find out that some guy is corralling your girl. You can tell that he was flirting although your jealousy clouds your perspective about how your girl is reacting to his advances. You want nothing more than to punch the douche bag in the face. But of course you can’t do that. She’ll hate you, you’ll go to jail, or maybe he’s just too muscular for you to “manhandle”. So you simply approach your girl and seal it with a kiss. Yes, right in his face, send him the message. The point is you show the other guy who’s who in the situation. Hold her more, hug her, and kiss her more often. Last week my brother sent me this link. Pretty interesting I should say.

Avoid confrontations: Do not cause a scene on the spot or afterwards, and do not be accusatory. Put yourself in her shoes: would you want her to accuse, confront and nag you over someone else flirting with you even when you haven’t even responded to it? Of course not! So try to talk it over as calmly and as sweetly as possible.

Give subtle hints. “Do you like muscled men?” “What do you think about taller men?””Would you like me in red?” “What if I grow a beard?” Chances are, she’ll likely know what you mean and if she’s the nice girlfriend she’s supposed to be, she’d hug you and kiss you and assure you how much better you are compared to every other man you think is flirting with her.

Show her how much better a guy you are: Yes, do as we girls do. Remind her of the good, hot, sexy guy you think she’s forgetting. It always works! And hey, make sure that you never really turn into someone we wish our boyfriends don’t become. Or else…

Jealousy, mishandled, can lead to anger and anger can ruin relationships; so it’s best to stay calm and classy.

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