Blind Dates Should Not Scare You. Really!

5 Jul

Good day people!  Are you adventurous enough to consider going on a blind date? Yes?  Then read on.

I have gone on a blind date once at the urging of my best friend Karla who just can’t stop gushing about this ‘hot guy’ he met whom she thinks will be just “perfect” for me.  The guy, Jim, had almost everything going for him – looks, intelligence, means, you name it.

Unfortunately, for some reason we never really made a connection.  Oh, the date wasn’t a disaster, we both enjoyed it immensely; however neither of us clicked and we were both aware of it.  Some blind dates lead to forever relationships but my one attempt at it didn’t.

A good majority of the adult population have tried blind dates [9] some time in their lives. Some friend, relative, or acquaintance thought it would be helpful for them to play Cupid and hooked them up with another a friend, family or some random stranger they believed would make a good partner.

More often than not, what makes blind dates a horrifying experience is not wondering how to end up with a relationship afterwards but more of how to survive at least an hour of bluffing and weird, awkward silence with a total stranger. Here’s a useful guide to finding a girlfriend, in case you don’t know what to do after a blind date.

You can say it is as dreaded as a job interview, but I say – it is even more dreadful when you are trying to start an intimate conversation with a girl you barely know anything about. And just in case she turns out to be really hot, it would be handy to know more about how to make a good first impression.

And so to help ease some of your nerves and prepare you for whenever your next blind date happens to be, here’s a classy man’s guide to surviving a blind date:

Don’t expect too much: Psyche yourself not to put much of a big deal on the blind date. It’s just a blind date – if it goes well, lucky for you! If it doesn’t, well at least you have a new friend. The more pressure you put on yourself getting into a blind date, the more nerve-wracking an experience it will be for you and the less you’ll enjoy the ‘ordeal’. And you’re more likely to do things wrong when you’re trying too hard. It’s a blind date – just another blind date. No biggie.

Set for it to be in a place that will make you both comfortable: You get to suggest where the date is going to be, so might as well use this to your advantage. Give at least three places of your choice and let her choose from it. Whichever place she ends up choosing, you know you’re comfortable in it.

Call her on the phone beforehand:  Don’t be totally clueless about your date. Calling her up a day or two before your date will help ease some tensions and get you a little bit acquainted. You’ll get an inkling of what to expect from her. However, I do not recommend checking her out on Facebook – it’s misleading. A phone call is more upfront but still leaves enough mystery to make the blind date interesting.

Have an escape plan ready:  So have a plan ready for when things don’t go right. If things are getting bad for the two of you, at least you know how to make a classy exit without offending her and making yourself look bad.

Relax: She’s more worried about her looks and how she appears to you that she won’t be too bothered about shaking hands with you. Relax because – refer to reason no. 1 – this is not a big deal. You won’t be prosecuted for failing at your blind date. You’ll find yourself enjoying the whole thing more.

Sometimes, we let fear stop us even when there is really nothing to fear. Don’t let your perception or past blind dating experiences haunt you forever – you’ll never know if your next blind date may lead you to your one true love. For more tips on how to ace a blind date, read Cosmo’s article.

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