How To Impress At First Sight

14 May

Good day loyal followers!

I received raves about my first post last month about the common mistakes men make. And one reader, a male, said it would be awesome if I would come up with things that would impress ladies upon first meeting. Well, thanks for your email, Jake. This one’s for you!

If I were asked which qualities would most impress me, I would have to say sincerity and perseverance. You can’t go too wrong in choosing to be with a man with these two qualities.  Many people think it takes time determine a person’s sincerity but I beg to disagree.  My now ex named Kurt whom I dated just a few years back had always struck me as sincere.  It may be a combination of the way he spoke and acted or women’s intuition but, in his case at least, my first impression proved to be correct!

First impressions last. And that is especially true about meeting girls. You don’t always (though it’s not impossible at all!) book yourself another chance to make a second impression so you better make good at the first. If you’ve managed to learn seduction techniques, I’m sure you’ll have a good chance of getting a second booking. If you haven’t yet, then you should click here.

The secret to making a good impression is doing something memorable. Ok, no cartwheels at the dinner table but if you manage to get her to react to something unexpected (positively, please), then you’ve got a good head start.

But how do you actually make a good first impression? And how do you make sure you’re doing it naturally? What mistakes should you avoid?  Here are some ways:

The Handshake – kissing her on the cheek when you meet her for the first time is okay if you’re British or something. But not everyone is used to it and a handshake maybe a little bit more appropriate. And a firmer handshake is always better. It gives the woman the sense that you are confident and trustworthy – plus, that is probably the first connection you have so make good. (Plus a firmer grip lets her feel your masculinity).

Spray your perfume at strategic places. Don't bathe yourself with it!

Spray your perfume at strategic places. Don’t bathe yourself with it!

An awesome scent – nothing beats a good smell to impress a woman. Just as a random great smelling passerby can make us turn our heads to follow the smell, a great smelling date is even more awesome. Choose a scent that is not overpowering (call a female friend) but clean and long lasting. And remember, it’s not about how much you apply; it’s about where you spray it on. Spray it on your pulse points – behind your ear, on the neck, and your wrists.

Your first words – ah but it’s natural to get tongue-tied! This is very tricky but if you can find an interesting way to start a conversation you’re halfway there.  And it’s not just about what you are saying; how you say it also matters. Start with a compliment on her dress, or how awesome she looks – avoid sexual overtones though.

Punctuality – pick her up early or get to the appointed place early. You may have to wait a little bit longer, but it will give her the impression that you are excited to meet her and that you are a mature, responsible man who does not make a lady wait. And that, my friend, is the mark of a true gentleman.

Your parting words – like every good story, a good meeting must be adjourned impressively as well. Remember, she is more likely to remember the last things you’ve said and done before you going your separate ways. So make sure you get to make that one last first impression move to book a second one.

Of course these do not discount the fact that you do have to make sense while you’re having a conversation. Make her laugh, make eye contact, be an engaging conversationalist, don’t be rude, don’t forget our etiquette – the usual works. By the way, this is also a good read on how to greet and leave on your first date. Together with the impression-makers, they will help you snag a second date or be in her list of really great men. Good luck!

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