Ways Men Screw Up That Important First Date

18 Apr

Hello there reader! First post– I am really excited. It’s hard to choose what to put in here as a first post, but finally managed to write about dating. So.. here goes!

Let’s face it—dating is a cruel and confusing game. I myself have been a victim of horrible first dates– never have I felt awkwardness such in my entire life. I don’t know if a lot of men will chance upon my blog, but I hope they will– because this post is about the common mistakes men make in dating.

I still vividly remember a really horrible dating experience I had when I was just 18.  Straight out of high school I meet this guy Roger, who takes me to probably the tackiest place in all of New Jersey for our first date.  To compound matters, the guy can’t keep his mouth shut and spent a lot of time talking about himself.  To make matters even worse, he can’t take a hint, which means I had only two choices – to walk out on him right then and there or grin and bear it.  I chose the latter simply because I was raised to be respectful, even to people who don’t deserve it.  There never was a second date.

Some men find it hard to go past that first date; what else should you expect if everything went horribly wrong in all directions in the first one. Physical attraction, of course, is always a good thing—but you have to understand that there’s more to dating than meets the eye.

If you want to at least score yourself a fourth or fifth date, you have to avoid making these mistakes that are bound to put an abrupt end to that first date. The thing is– women easily get turned off, according to this Yahoo! article—so make it a point to keep everything under control.

Mistake #1: Being too clingy. You’re a man. The word “clingy” shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary to begin with. When women see that slightest hint of cling in you, prepare for a major mood swing moment, or for her to leave you right there and then. Stop being too possessive – it’s not attractive. Show her that you have your own life.  Keep on doing the things you love, and don’t show her that she is the centre of your universe. I get it, you’re just trying to be sweet and all—but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you if she suddenly leaves you for calling her 25 times in a row just because she wouldn’t pick up the phone on your Wednesday movie night.

Hold Hands

Before you get to this, STOP SCREWING IT UP!

Mistake #2: Arrogance. There’s no need to remind her on every date that you were a high school jock, or a class valedictorian in college. You don’t have to tell her that you make a seven-figure amount yearly, or about that new car you bought for the second time this month. NO. Women love confidence, but hate arrogance to bits. I know you want to show her that you know how to flirt with a girl, but please, do keep it on a lowdown. Stop bragging. Modesty is sexy, trust me on this one.

Mistake #3: Not Following Through. Bottom line is, do not say anything you really don’t mean to do. If you say that you’ll come pick her up after her yoga class, do so. If you tell her that you’ll fix her leaking faucet early in the morning tomorrow before work, set up three alarm clocks on your bedside so you really wake up and fix her leaking faucet the next day. Go the distance, women will appreciate it if you consistently do things as you say—they’d love you more for it.

Dating is a fun game, but you should always prepare yourself for the ride. It’s not always promising, but if you steer clear of these mistakes, you’re on to a good start. Also, improve yourself by learning the latest dating techniques if thing you need to – a good site that we recommend is SonicSeduction.net – go take a look. Good luck!

Lindy 🙂

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