A Beauty Routine For Men? Why Not?

9 Oct

Good day beautiful people!  Do you all think that vanity is reserved for women?  That may not hold true anymore!

All people have at least a tiny bit of vanity; they may be proud of their hair, their figure (or muscles in the case of guys), their eyes.  As a woman it’s natural for me to highlight my best features and try to mask what may be seen as physical imperfections.  This has caused a bit of a problem with my boyfriend who prefers to see the raw ‘me’ instead of the made-up version.  He adoringly says that I should not mess with perfection.  But as a woman, I can’t help but try to improve upon my God-given physical attributes.  We have since reached a happy compromise where I don’t mess too much with what he calls perfection – just enough to satisfy my feminine urges.  But these days men are getting more vain than ever before.

Gone are the days when only the girls define beauty. And gone are the days when only the ladies are allowed to try out practices and rituals that improve the outward look. These days, it is perfectly acceptable to see gentlemen who dab a little moisturizer and spend a little more time on getting their hair done, this is a sure way on to how to get an Asian girl. You don’t even have to be a Hollywood actor, a model or some popular politician to have an excuse to have your very own beauty ritual or two.

For the uninitiated, these manly regimens go beyond the usual deodorant-perfume. These are things that have you going out of your usual way to not only look good but to also make yourself feel good. See this guide for natural healthy beauty products.

Beauty Tips for Men

If you’re not at it yet, or if you are just starting to accept the concept of starting a “beauty” ritual, here are some tips:

Cleanse-tone-moisturize your face: These are the basics. It might sound a little too intimidating for the newbie, but trust me, it’s no rocket science. Why do you need to do this? Simple: to keep your face clean and healthy. See, cleansing your face is not just for us women who put on too many layers of makeup. It’s for everyone who gets exposed to elements every single day – pollution, dust, what-have-you. Toning is to keep the skin tone even; nothing is more distracting and disconcerting than uneven facial skin tone. And of course you need to moisturize. Not only is dry skin unattractive and unhealthy-looking; it is also more prone to breakouts.

Use hand lotion: No girl can resist locking fingers with a guy with soft hands. See, dry and callous hands are no longer the only measure of manliness, especially when the non-athletic men of this generation can never achieve that from sitting all day in front of a computer. To make it a little bit more useful, hand lotions now come with antibacterial features.

Use foot lotion: Just the same as soft hands are irresistible, hard, cracked and dry heels are as horrible. So dab on some foot lotion to improve that. A foot spa session every two weeks could also do wonders for your feet so go ahead and make that bi-weekly trip.

Apply lip balm: This may not be the manliest thing on the planet but it does have its benefits. The help maintain a pair of deliciously kissable lips – the kind that girls dig. Thankfully, they come in mini-canister types and not just the stick kind. And there are varieties and brands that are unscented and unflavored so you don’t have to worry about tasting like her favorite berries when you smooch.

Use body scrub occasionally: Before you give me that weird look, body scrub is actually good for you. Better than you can imagine. Body scrubs, usually offered at spas and wellness centers, help your skin exfoliate bringing out a cleaner, newer, healthier skin. On top of that, body scrubs are very relaxing; it feels just like getting some good ol’ massage.

Come on, just because we girls do it more does not mean you can’t do it! Caring for your body and your looks can be a manly thing too. So go ahead and try any of these tips and try to avoid the usual mistakes men make!

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