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18 Nov

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Whoever said that “first impressions last” knows what he or she is saying.  I mean I am like that; I find it hard to erase a first impression.  My current boyfriend had to overcome that – at first I thought he was a player and gave him a hard time.  Thankfully Dan was both patient and determined to win my heart.  It took a lot of effort before I would even give him the time of day but he persevered.  It’s been over a year now since we became an item and my only regret is having avoided him at first because of a mistaken impression.  That sort of inspired me to write this post to help men who need to repair the image they project onto the eyes of the lady of their dreams.

So there’s this girl you like,and you like her very, very much. Unfortunately, she thinks you’re an asshole. Or maybe she thinks you’re a nerd; someone who’s better off as a friend than a lover. Or maybe, just maybe, by a slight stroke of un-luck, she thinks you’re gay. Whatever her perception is of you, you know that it’s not helping you make your moves on her.

Just what do you do? How do you change the way a woman sees you? What do you do to make your lasting impression a better version of her first impression of you? Learn how to talk to girls now and rule your world! 🙂

Change How a Woman Sees You!

Fortunately, yes, you still can change the way she sees you. Here are some effective tips:

Change for the better. But of course you start this way! If she sees you as an annoying, self-important player – even without her having personal knowledge about your dating life, it may be because of the way you present yourself. Maybe you come off as very annoying because you talk too loudly, or talk too much about yourself. Maybe she has overheard about you talking with your buddies about your ex, or she’s seen the way you lustfully looked at her. If you want to change your impression of her, you had better change your ways.

Ask a good buddy to put in a good word for you. Ask a common friend of yours to put in a good word or two – randomly – about you; nothing too much, too sugarcoated, and too exaggerated, just something to spark up some curiosity and interest about you. Hearing something about you from someone else – the good stuff – will be more convincing as it’s from a supposedly disinterested party. PS: remember to make it as ‘random’ as possible!

Find a way to share a conversation with her. At this point, you have to make it a point that this is just a conversation, not a date, nor anything close to it. And make sure that she thinks exactly the same. The best way to pull this off is to talk to her while in a group – group date, lunch outs, anything that will allow you to speak up so she can listen, in a non-exclusive, non-intimate setup. Use this conversation as a chance to show her the side that she fails to see. Show her, through your stories, what you’re interested in, what ticks you off, and what makes you likable. But make sure to keep the subtlety in your stories, otherwise she’ll think you’re a self-absorbed jerk.

Invite her on a date. When she finally softens up to you, and she’s seemingly convinced that you may actually be a better person than she initially thought, then you can invite her on an actual date. Show her your Mr Suave side, the part of you that would make her want you. Make her forget about her initial judgment of you and wow her all night with your niceness, gentlemanliness, and your outstanding behavior – squeeze in a bit of humor  for good measure, that’s very important too!

Remember, it’s never too late to be really nice and likable!

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