Hollywood Types Women Don’t Want Their Boyfriends To Emulate

20 Aug

Greetings boys and girls!

Almost every person I know has dreamed of being in a relationship with a big Hollywood star.  That includes me.  I had the wildest crush for Tom Cruise for a long time.  But the dream passed and I went on to date some really wonderful men.  I realized that not all big Hollywood stars can be describes as dreamboats, some are a girl’s worst nightmare as a boyfriend.

Every girl has her nightmares about relationships and the kind of guys their boyfriends may turn out to be. There’s the generic cheating boyfriend, the insensitive one, the flirt, the I-couldn’t-care-less-about-you boyfriend, the serial dater, and the I-love-myself-more-than-you among others.

There are a lot of mistakes men make, which we should be mindful of.

There are types of men whom we wish our boyfriends don’t become.  And these Hollywood celebs turn out to be the human form of some of these nightmares!

There are types of men whom we wish our boyfriends don't become.

There are types of men whom we wish our boyfriends don’t become.

Here’s my list of Hollywood men girls never want their dates/boyfriends to become. Boys, take your cue and don’t be like them!

Chris Brown – Does this need any more explaining to do? He will beat girls, break her nose and her heart, and, well, will call her a B**** in public. I’ll let my momma break a guy’s jaw if someone does even half what he did to RiRi! It always starts with verbal abuse. One slip, they apologize and then they do it again. If you’re a guy and you notice yourself starting to become abusive, seek professional counselling. That’s an anger management problem right there.

Joe Jonas – He allegedly broke up with Taylor Swift over the phone. That’s just rude and unforgivable. Seriously, he deserved whatever breakup song Taylor made for him. And there were rumors that he asked his dad to break up with Demi Lovato on his behalf. Whoa! Beats me! Guys, man up to your girl if you don’t want to be in the relationship anymore. Nobody wants to be the last one to know they’re single. Learn how to communicate PROPERLY, even in the bad times. We will appreciate you for it.

John Mayer – I have to admit I fell for the way he writes his songs (I can’t possibly find a creature that didn’t like ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’) but he’s a douche boyfriend in the purest form. He talks too much to the press, does not have good things to say about his exes even in public and he cheats on them too! Bah, the worst form of kiss and tell man! A classy man will never diss a lady no matter how bad their relationship ended. A gentleman, publicly or privately, will always be nice to a woman whether he is dating her or not. In fairness to him though, he admitted to being a jerk.

Charlie Sheen – you can never be too sure if you’re talking to him or to the crack. Enough said. Don’t even think about starting it. It’s something that will take over your life, your relationships, and your job. If you have been using it, get professional help as soon as possible.

George Clooney – Why is he still single? And how often does he change his trophy girlfriend in a year? This type consists of the sweet, debonair men who are almost always single even when they’re always seen in the company of many different and beautiful women.

Guys, learn how to commit or end it early on. Be honest about the relationship – about what you’re looking for, what you’re not looking for and what you can give. Don’t leave a woman hanging on to the hope that your relationship is going further than the red carpet.

Girls, let us be careful when choosing. Not all attractive men are nice men. I was thankful when a friend forwarded me this article yesterday. So now I know that some men just use tactics just to attract us. Be warned!

Girls should avoid them (or at least, avoid falling for them in the case of Good Guy George Clooney), and men should learn from their mistakes and bad attitudes.

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