Phone Manners 101 – And Why It’s So Important!

6 Feb

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Just because we’re blessed with advanced communication technologies does not mean we can forget about manners!

I saw my friend Irene the other day and we shared coffee and stories at the local Starbucks over at Lakewood Road.  Anyway she seems so frustrated that smart phones seem to have made many men forget common courtesy and good manners.  I added that I sometimes feel the same way about some women as well.  It almost seems like phones embolden people into saying some really impolite things just because the distance means you can’t slap them silly for being so rude.  I am glad we met because phone calls and internet chats cannot really replace old fashioned face-to-face bonding between friends; and also because it made me realize we feel the same way about the need for phone etiquette.

In this day and age, where phones can practically do anything for us, we tend to forget the boundaries that lie between accessibility and courtesy. This is especially true about phone and internet chat courtship! Men call whenever they please, text whatever they want, and just say whatever the hell they like to the ladies who’ve caught their fancy.

That is certainly not gentlemanly! A true gentleman knows the how’s, the why’s, as well as the when’s of proper phone use, especially when it comes to communicating with women. And that includes every form of phone – from its ancient wired great grandfathers to the very modern smart phones.

Phone etiquette tips

Here are some smart and gentlemanly tips on phone etiquette.

Do ask ahead when it is okay to call. Seriously, that’s what makes text more convenient! Unless you’re trying to catch your girlfriend in a lie, you certainly need to have the courtesy to ask the lady you’re courting when it is convenient for her to receive a call from you. She may actually have a real life to consider, you know!

Don’t leave a woman waiting for your call. So you said you’re going to call and you never did. That’s just lame and one of the biggest reasons why women distrust men so much. If you’re not going to call, if you don’t have any plan whatsoever of going on another date with her, don’t make an empty promise to call her.

Don’t text someone else in the middle of a conversation – whether with a lady or not. And unless it’s really, really, really important, don’t forget to excuse yourself. This goes out to doing smart phone stuff (aka social media shenanigans). Guys, check out these online dating tips.

Do keep your phone conversations at a decent hour. So you want to talk to her and you’re missing her badly in the middle of the night. Oh and you just can’t stop the urge to call her just to hear her sweet voice. Well one thing: stop that urge immediately. It would be selfish and rude to actually disturb her restful sleep just because you miss her. Sounds sweet but when you’ve been woken abruptly in the middle of your sleep, nothing’s sweet about it.

Do avoid calling her while she’s at work (or at school if she’s a student – which I hope she isn’t). Respect mans knowing when it is appropriate to call and when it isn’t – when you can disturb her personal affairs. That is why we all go back to Rule No. 1 – always ask if it’s a good time to call.

Don’t flood her phone with texts when she does not text back (or at least does not text back too soon). Oh the impatience of an enamored man! She wouldn’t love getting a thousand texts from you just because she was in the bathroom doing her thing.

Remember these things and make your mothers proud, boys!

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