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Online Dating Mistakes You Need To Avoid

23 Aug

Good day online friends!

Being a part time blogger means I spend a lot of time online.  While I blog about dating, that does not mean that I’m a fan of online dating.  I just can’t get over the many risks involved.  It is too easy for anyone to create a fake online profile.  That may seem funny when you consider that I met Gene, a former boyfriend, online.  The difference is that he’s also from the garden state and I never let my guard down till we have had a few face-to-face dates. Still some people succeed in finding their soul mates online.

Online dating may be the most innovative thing that’s ever happened to dating and relationships.  Where else can you meet women from several thousand miles across the world away without moving off of your bed? And how else can you meet and talk to five different ladies without even having to leave your coffee table?

But online dating has got to be one of the riskiest ways to date too. The internet is so open and so free that anyone can claim to be practically anything online! And online dating and online dating sites are perfect places for cyber criminals to look for their next victim. Men, women, young and old – it does not matter who or what you are; you can fall prey to these people if you are careless.

Nevertheless, online dating is still a great way to meet people and prospective relationship partners. You can be successful by knowing how to get a girl to like you as a girlfriend and end up being their dream happily-ever-after – something they’ve never found in people that they meet in the real world.

Just like any other forms of dating, there are things that are absolute no-no’s when trying to date online. Apart from the usual safety blunders (meeting them alone or in private places, giving out personal information, etc), how you present yourself and how you talk with people online makes or breaks your chances of meeting someone through these dating sites. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when dating online:

Being too eager: This is a common mistake men do in dating. Take it easy! Just because you have an awesome profile picture and a single poke and ping can do much of the picking up for you does not mean you have to rush everything. Give the girl something to be curious about. Don’t just give everything out in one chat session.

Being too sexual:  This is where all the bad things begin, really! Just because it’s easier to get away with online dating doesn’t mean you can tread such dangerous and possibly dirty waters. Unless you want to be a real life John Tucker, avoid anything sexual when online dating. Don’t use online dating for your lustful desires; this makes you so vulnerable to online predators.

Being too gullible: I could really not find a better and more appropriate term other than gullible. You can’t trust some woman just because she seems nice online! Just because she says she loves you on your third straight chat session does not mean that she does! Get to know her. Is she stable? Does she have issues? Is she an alpha female? Don’t break your heart (or your bank account) with someone you have not yet met in the real world; or at least don’t put everything out there for her. Like I said earlier, anyone can assume any online persona they want and she could just be telling you the same thing she’s been saying to ten other guys online.

Being too reserved: You can be prudent without being a total killjoy. Online dating was meant to be fun and convenient; at least avail of the fun part without making yourself vulnerable. Protect yourself but never forget to still have all the dating fun you deserve. And as they always say, “Think before you click!”

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