Are You The Type Of Man That Most Women Hate?

21 Oct

Good morning gents!  This post is dedicated to helping males understand why women seem to be avoiding them.

All of us have pet peeves and many of us have an idea what we behaviours or personality types we dislike in the opposite sex.  I’ve always found it hard to deal with men who are control freaks; I had one for a boyfriend for the briefest of times about three years back.  Carl was attractive and intelligent so it was not hard to get attracted to him.  It soon became apparent however that he was a control freak.  He criticized everything about me from my appearance, choice of perfumes and even my choice of friends.  Good thing I wised up after just a couple of days and called it quits.

Women of different ages, societies and intellectual interests have different opinions about different types of men.

Some like their men sweet, others like the stone-cold facade with a gooey heart. Others like their men with rock-hard, solid bodies, while others like them with flesh and fluff.

If there are types of men that they like, there are certain types of men that women really hate.

Types of men that women really dislike

But these are the men that women will almost always hate, and would never EVER date (over their dead, gorgeous bodies!). This is usually the Mistakes Men Make, find out if you’re one of them and why they actually hate your kind:

The macho man: We’re talking about machismo of the extreme type; the kind who think they can do anything and everything and they are God’s gift to women. My hormones cry foul at the mere thought of this type of man – this man who has defined excessive vanity in the male body. He thinks he does not need any help and goes about challenging every other male around him. Think, Bradley Cooper’s role in The Wedding Crashers movie – so full of himself, too confident, and excessively overbearing! Women hate the guts of this type of man simply because women are not very fond of arrogance.

The anti-feminist: These are the types of men whose brains have been sleeping in a cave and have not seen the developments of the female movement. Women can do just as well as men, but these guys hate the challenge that equally great women pose to their ego. Dating this kind of man will involve a lot of bragging about men’s accomplishment along with assertions that women should just stay at home and be homemakers. We girls just would love to shove a teeny tiny teacup up the mouth of these types of men to shut them up;  see this how to strike up a conversation with a girl you met.

The domineering male: This man is a little bit of macho, a little bit of anti-feminist and 500% disrespectful, foul-mouthed, and bossy man. He wants to take charge, he takes orders for her, he tells her what to do, and he’d likely yell at his woman when he gets pissed. He’s the kind of dominator that even the most submissive woman would be wise to stay away from.

The foul-mouthed, trash-trash talking kind of guy: These are the kinds of guys whose entire sentences would get bleeped out if they go on TV. They think they are so cool by talking in a language that only they can understand; they use the kind of dirty talk that is not sexy at all; they speak with an expletive at every other word. Women do not like going out with them simply because they don’t think they can have a good and sensible conversation with someone who cannot talk respectfully.

The over-eager dude: Over eagerness is a sign of neediness; it makes the chase unexciting, predictable, and outright boring for the women. You have to pull yourself back a little bit to make her miss and want you; don’t give too much of yourself too soon – don’t give her the message that you’ll always be there and that she can walk around and still expect to find you where she left you. Teach her how to value you.

That is why many girls torture themselves with diets and suffer themselves to exhaustion trying to approximate their appearance to the ideal. But if men really needed such sacrifices, then humanity would already be on the verge of extinction because there are not enough models to go around for all guys. So, what then? -from

If you’re any of these men, learn a thing or two about how to impress women and drop these personas! ASAP!

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