Find A Hobby To Impress Your Lady Love

11 Nov

Hello lovers.  I am glad you spared time to visit my site!  For this post I have chosen the subject of easy ways to impress women!

I was friends with Lola, the most coveted female in college at the time.  We often shared lots of stories about innovative ways that her many admirers tried to impress her.  There were times when these men succeeded, as in the case of one who won her heart, for a time at least, with his ability to cook.  There were lots more failures, some of which were such epic fails they were hilarious.  When we discussed the failures, we discovered that they were caused by men trying much too hard to impress.  Now that is funny since there are many simple ways to impress women, and some of them are as simple as a hobby you can take up.

Women are not as difficult or complicated as you think. Sure there are things that make pleasing women a bit of a challenge, but in general, women are very simple creatures. A lot of honesty, tons of loyalty, and an unquestionable level of connection are what women need most from potential current lovers. But wait, where to get dating advice (for men)? Read it now.

Perhaps the most challenging is when you don’t know each other that well, and when you are not an item – that time when you are just trying to impress an win her with whatever you have in your armory.

But you don’t really need incredible human strengths, skills, and qualifications to earn her appreciation. There are some very simple ways to impress her.

Hobbies to impress women

Don’t be a Type of Men That (Most) Women Hate. Here are some of the simplest hobbies that may actually impress women quite easily (PS: they are lasting too!).

Avid reading. What’s so difficult about spending endless hours being lost in the pages of a good book? Nothing! But it wins tons and tons of points with women. And why not? It means that you are the kind of man who invests in your mind, who is not only interested in making himself look good but also actually want to be a real man of substance.

Collecting. It doesn’t matter what you collect; collection is as simple as it is challenging, but altogether impressive. Collecting, especially the rarer stuff, requires a lot of patience and awful lot of safekeeping that spans many years. It says a lot about a man’s commitment, doesn’t it? Definitely a sure winner among women.

Fixing and handyman skills. Today’s woman, no matter how independent she has become, still has it in her DNA to look for support of a man both as a father figure and a lover. And what better way to be ‘supportive’ of a woman than to be someone who knows how to fix things when they break? Women expect men to be able to fix almost anything, just like their fathers did.  So handyman skills and an  inclination towards working with gears, crews, and toolboxes will always come out impressive.

Gardening. Think this is effeminate? Think again. Gardening sends out the message that a man is caring and nurturing – something that any woman from the caveman days to the modern human has always regarded as a plus. So use your green thumb, get your fingers in the dirt, and win her heart with your flowering blooms. Trust me, a bouquet of flowers that comes from your own garden is a much better, much sweeter gift than a store-bought one.

Cooking. Like gardening, cooking is a hobby that nourishes. I’m not talking about cooking in the professional sense. I am talking about cooking as a hobby, something that one does to entertain himself, his family and friends. Trust me, flip a pancake perfectly and you’ll have her gushing about you and your cooking all day. Remember: the way to anyone’s heart is still and perhaps will always be through the stomach.

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