Will You Succeed At Online Dating?

28 Nov

Hello dear readers.

There was a time about a year back when I got tired of dating.  I don’t really know if it was the quality of my dates or I had become too familiar with the usual date haunts here in the garden state; all I knew was that I needed a breather.  It was while on this sabbatical of sorts when I became curious and gave online dating a try.  I found there were both advantages and disadvantages.  Though I had thousands of men’s profiles at my fingertips, I really didn’t know which, if any, were authentic.  Thus I backed out and just waited out my date-weariness.  I only started dating again three months later.

Are you tired of traditional dating? Has the regular meet-date-date-vanish routine been proving to be a little too much for your taste lately? Are you looking for a way to escape the boring old ways of dating but still open to opportunities for romance?

Maybe you should try online dating! See some effective tips here!

Or maybe you should not.

Online dating gives you the ability to meet more eligible women than you can handle. There are tons of opportunities for romance online but it is, unfortunately, not for everyone. It takes equal portions of dedication to sit for hours in front of your computer screen patiently waiting for friend invites, and equal portions of detachment and better judgment when the person on the other end of the line seems too good to be true. As in traditional face-to-face dating, that may exactly be what she is: too good to be true.

Online Dating Tips

So, is online dating really for you? It could be worth a try or it could not be worth your time at all. Find out if you are suited for the virtual dating realm, here are the guides:

If you are comfortable about talking to a woman you don’t see and still enjoy a lively conversation: Some people can’t communicate unless a real live human person is in front of them.  Some people need to actually feel their conversation partner’s physical presence to make it real. If you can enjoy conversing with a person you don’t see in real time perhaps you can give online dating a try.

If you are fine with long distance relationships: Online dating brings the romance opportunities on a global scale. If you are open to dating a woman who’s from Timbuktu even when you’re in downtown LA, and up for innovative online “dates”, then you certainly have a bright future in the world of online romance.

If you don’t mind sitting on the computer for several hours talking with different women at the same time, most of whom you know only by name, age, location, and a photo (sometimes, they even use avatars): It can be frustrating, if you’re really not into that kind of thing. Inadequate information about people you meet online make them seem less than real – but if you’re comfortable with that then maybe online dating may be your thing.

If you can to stop yourself from falling for someone too soon: Dating is hard enough in the real world; it is much more difficult online. It is very easy to make stuff up online; you can be a rocket scientist on your online profile and she can assume the persona of a Victoria’s Secret angel who had to be cut off from the group over a sprained ankle. So can people easily make you fall for them and make you believe in undying love when in reality, they are just faking it.

If you know how to protect yourself from online crooks: This is basic but very essential. You can pass the first four standards but if you fail on this area, you had better get your hands off the online dating world mister.

So, is online dating for you?

Surely, these are the ways to success on Online Dating! After this, know how to make a girl think about you (tips on SIBG.com).

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