Friends You Should Avoid Meeting Your Girlfriend

31 Jul

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There was a time when I was in high school here in New Jersey, when I fell for a friend’s ex.  They had been separated almost half a year before the guy and I started seeing each other so there were no issues about cheating or back stabbing.  Young as we were then, the brief relationship still managed to result in a lot of very awkward moments which strained our friendship almost to the breaking point.  I guess we all have to be careful with our friends’ partners and former partners.

They say friends are families that we get to choose, that is why we share certain things and a special kind of bond with them that we would have with some blood relatives. We trust them, we love them to a certain degree, and we are more than happy for them to be friends with our significant others.

In an old article, I stressed the importance of having your girlfriend meet your guy buddies. And that makes sense, actually. When your girl knows who you go out with and what you guys do together, she is more at ease. She would also have a certain sense of peace knowing that because your guy friends are technically her friends too, they will not lead you to temptation.

But there are certain guy friends that are better off away from your girlfriend’s friends list. In fact, they’re best left in the acquaintance arena and locked there forever – or at least until they are ‘safe’ enough to be friends.

Here are the 5 guy friends that should never be friends with your girlfriend:

The player: If you know how to be an amazing flirt with girls, he’s the one you go to. But friends with your girl? No, I am not saying your player friend will stab your back, or that your girlfriend will fall for his seductive antics. All I’m saying is there is reason for what I call preventive maintenance. Though I am not generalizing, your player friends can hurt your relationship in two possible ways: (1) your girlfriend will never be at ease knowing all the ‘player’ stories your friend will share with her, and (2) he actually might end up seducing your girlfriend. On that latter part, if you girlfriend says ‘No’, your friendship is ruined and, well, if your girlfriend says yes to his advances – do I really need to elaborate on that?

The bestfrienemy: Ah but of course. We all have that one person that we are blood brothers with one moment and mortal enemies the next. He’s the type of guy in your group who would be happy to see you fail. If anything goes wrong, if you and your girlfriend fight or reach the brink of breakup and you’re looking to your friends for support and backup, trust that this guy won’t have your back. Na-ah. Oh but he’ll buy you a bottle or two of beer if you two breakup.

The Jealous One: Well, he’s selfish and jealous and has never been much of a true friend. And he has always had this secret contempt for you and he’s happy when you fail. He won’t even offer you beer when you’re sad! Careful with this guy, he will try to break you and GF up because he either wants you miserable, or wants her for himself. Or both.

The handsome one: If you want your girlfriend’s attention all on you, better keep her off the looker in your circle. Their becoming buddies may not be the best thing because she might start noticing this guy more than you and comparisons may arise. Even if he’s truly innocent and does not like your girlfriend, you’d still lose your girlfriend when she ends up falling for him.

The clingy best friend: Not all of your friends are a threat to you. Some are a threat to your girlfriend. There will always be that one friend who’s so protective and so possessive of you that he definitely would not want you to be with anyone else because he wants you all for himself. He’s not necessarily gay. He’s just clingy and probably single.

It’s okay for her to be friends with your friends, but there should always be boundaries.  It would also be great if you know how to keep your girlfriend from cheating. Good luck.

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