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What Makes Her Hesitate To Move In With You

23 Mar

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Do you know what scares me most about relationships?  It is taking it to a higher level of commitment.  Moving in together and officially calling ourselves an item have always been hard.  It is not decision to take lightly.  My boyfriend almost gave up on our relationship because he thought that I was waiting too long; that I don’t seem to be willing to take a chance on him.  But I’ve always done my due diligence before making such a big decision.  That we remain together after a couple of years is testament to the effectiveness of waiting for just the right moment to commit to each other.

So you have been going out for some time now and you want to stick with her. You feel like this is going to be for the long term and that she feels the same way you do, you also tested some easy ways to test compatibility.

But for some weird, totally unfathomable reason, she seems to have changed her mind about you and about commitment. You end up wondering whether you’ve done something to make her change her mind.  Commitment is the goal of most every relationship. People get into relationships for the security and comfort of it; of knowing that they will always have someone to “belong” to, someone who “belongs” to them, whose love they do not have to share with anyone else, and to actually have someone who will stay for the long term.

Why she will turn you down

Maybe you forgot how to mess with a woman’s mind but there really are things that make people turn away from committing to you (or to anyone else). Here are some; check if any of these applies to you:

Maybe she thinks you are not serious enough about commitment: Some girls run away before they get hurt. If you seem like the type who would not take her and your relationship with her seriously, and that you are a potentially dangerous man who could wound her heart, she’ll walk away before you get the chance to get too close for comfort; yes, even if you’re totally into her and you’re ready to give up your single guy rights for her. How do you correct this? Change the way she sees you; show her that you can be loyal and that you can stick to one woman.

Pressure: Some people work well under pressure, others explode and get blown away – and not in a very good way. Don’t put anyone, especially a lady, under pressure. It might scare her away. It makes relationships and commitments seem like an ordeal, something that is so big and scary that she needs to be pinned to the wall for an answer. The answer will be half-hearted so think twice before pressuring the living hell out of her. Wait until she’s good and ready or you risk her off if you can’t wait.

Maybe you have been very domineering. As mentioned earlier, some women run off before things get too difficult to run away from. If you’re the guy who chokes, smothers, and makes her feel inferior, she will definitely say no to the idea of being tied down to you in a committed relationship. If being with you means she’d losing a big part of herself, she’s likely to pack her bags and leave before she gets caught in up in a trap of a relationship.

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Asking for an upgrade in the commitment to a relationship, after some time of going out and getting to know each other, is usually left to the guy. It is up to you to show her that staying together with you for the long haul is a good idea.  But if everything didn’t work out well, read this tips.

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